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Las Vegas & Gambling

Do you Gamble?  Well sure you do, and it's no surprise as most people now have
a Casino a short distance from their home.  in 2017 1,400 Casinos are spread across 40 states!
Have you been to Vegas?  No?  Well get yourself a ticket and join the other
3.5 MILLION people per month that flop into town for Good Times, Good Rolls, and Fast Action!

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A few statistics about those 42 million people in 2015 going to Vegas annually:
16% are 1st time visitors & only 1% of the 1st timers came for gambling.
42% are returning for vacation or pleasure,
20% are returning for a convention, and
12% are returning to gamble.
The average 2015 gambling budget was $570 per person($650 in 2007).
57% arrived by ground & 43% landed on one of the 850 daily flights.
29% are from California and 16% are foreigners.  Almost everyone hangs around for 4 days.
PawnShop.jpg (38910 bytes) 65% attended some kind of show with only 26% at a "Big Name" show.
 79% were married earning $40,000 annually or more.  Average age was 48.
89% of all people were very satisfied with their trip to Vegas
according to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.
I wonder if the Convention Authority interviewed anyone
coming out of the numerous Pawn Shops in the Vegas area?

Here's a great deal for you! What?  The Casino will only take 3% of your Tax Refund!

CkCashing.jpg (112586 bytes)          yrMonkey.jpg (174518 bytes) You're a monkey if you take this deal.


JimmyVaccaro2.jpg (81535 bytes)
Jimmy Vaccaro (b 9-19-1942) of Las Vegas had the Presidential Election predictions correct
with Donald Trump for the republicans and Hillary Clinton for the democrats.
Jimmy picked this way before Trump & Clinton won enough votes.
You can't legally bet political contests in Nevada, but Jimmy posts his line anyway.
Jimmy has been around, starting out with a sports book in 1975 at the Royal Inn with Michael Gaughan son of Jackie of the downtown El Cortez.  Jimmy went to Barbary Coast in 1979 and then to MGM Grand in 1985.  Also was at Golden Nugget, The Mirage, and William Hill Sports.  Left Vegas in 2003 for Atlantis in the Bahamas until returning to Delaware in 2009.  In 2013 Jimmy reunited with Michael Gaughan at the South Point Resort.  You may remember the earlier bookmaker, Jimmy 'The Greek' Synder (b 9-9-1918 d 4-21-1996). The Greek was a notorious gambler and it was told that he placed a $10,000 bet at 17-1 odds on Truman beating Dewey.


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HR1.jpg (119680 bytes)  Vegas keeps renovating and always is looking for ways to keep you coming back.  For example, in March-2014 the High Roller wheel opened to great fanfare.  This observation wheel is 550 feet high and rotates 28 pods that hold 40 people each.  It's not a Ferris wheel as it moves only 1 foot per second.  The Wheel is located at the end of the new LINQ Promenade between the Flamingo & the LINQ Hotel.  The LINQ Hotel(2014) was formerly the Quad(2012) which was formerly the Imperial Palace(1979).  The Promenade is pretty slick and features forty shops of retail, dining, and entertainment, including a bowling alley.

HR5.jpg (55167 bytes)    HR6.jpg (108064 bytes)    Wheel1.jpg (90333 bytes)    HR3.jpg (210613 bytes)    HR2.jpg (281213 bytes)        

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LINQ Promenade February - 2015

Quad.jpg (131237 bytes)    Prom2.jpg (181041 bytes)    Prom1.jpg (179986 bytes)    VapingBar.jpg (73345 bytes)

Prom3.jpg (108203 bytes)    Bowl2.jpg (88320 bytes)    Bowl1.jpg (173040 bytes)    Bowl3.jpg (132937 bytes)

BistroBar.JPG (99907 bytes)    Dogs1.jpg (71418 bytes)

Change is inevitable in Vegas as the Boutique Cromwell opened in 2014 which was Bill's(2007), which was formerly the Barbary Coast(2005).  As I left Vegas on Tuesday February 10, 2015 the Clarion Hotel & Casino was imploded at 205 Convention Center Drive, just off the Strip.  Formerly known as the Royal American, Paddlewheel, Debbie Reynolds Hollywood, and Greek Isles.  The Clarion is the 13th joint to be imploded since 2007.  The new owner, Lorenzo Doumani, paid $22.5 million in cash for these 6 acres, and says his upcoming project will be outstanding!

Here's a list of other imploded joints.  Oct. 22, 1993 the Dunes(5-23-1955) made way for Bellagio.
Nov. 7, 1995 the Landmark(1969) made way for the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot.
Nov. 26, 1996 the Sands(12-15-1952) imploded for the Venetian.
Jan. 1, 1997 Hacienda(10-17-1956), (previously named Lady Luck-1953) becomes Mandalay Bay.
Apr. 27, 1998 Aladdin (previously Tallyho 1962, and King's Tallyho in 1964), gives way to
a new Aladdin in 1996, which becomes Planet Hollywood in 2003
Oct. 3, 2000 El Rancho Casino (formerly the Thunderbird 9-1-1948, then Silverbird 1976) then renamed El Rancho Casino in 1982 and subsequently closed on 7-6-1992 eventually gives way to the Fontainebleau.
There was another El Rancho Vegas that opened 4-3-1941 and burned down in 1960 and was never rebuilt.
Oct. 23, 2001 Desert Inn makes way for Wynn.
Jan. 11, 2006 Castaways property (formerly Showboat-2000) is taken over by Station Casinos.
Feb. 14, 2006 Bourbon Street(1985) is imploded and remains an empty lot.
May 9, 2006 Boardwalk (originally a Holiday Inn) made room for City Center.
Mar. 14, 2007 the Stardust was replaced by Echelon Place which fails and was sold in 2013 to Genting Barhad.
Nov.13, 2007 New Frontier(1955), (formerly Hotel Last Frontier 10-30-1942)
is imploded and the 35 acre site is purchased by James Packer.
November 9, 2010 A wing of The Tropicana from 1957 was brought down.
February 10, 2015 The Clarion was imploded for the new owner-Lorenzo Doumani.
June 14, 2016 The Riviera (closed on 5-4-2015) Monaco Tower was imploded and, on
August 16, 2016 the Monte Carlo Tower was brought down at an estimated cost of $42,000,000!

Early Casino Resorts in Vegas (actually in Paradise, NV)

1st-El Rancho Vegas-2500 Las Vegas Blvd opened April 3, 1941, was destroyed by fire on July 16, 1960
and demolished in 1978.  Now owned by Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

2nd-The Last Frontier-3120 Las Vegas Blvd opened October 30, 1942, and closed on July 16, 2007
and was demolished on November 13, 2007.  ex Pair-o-Dice (1930)  Now is Crown Resorts.

3rd-Flamingo-3555 Las Vegas Blvd opened as Pink Flamingo on December 26, 1946.
Renamed Fabulous Flamingo on March 1, 1947 and then Hilton Flamingo.  Last of Bugsy Siegal's
buildings were torn down on December 14, 1993 and complex was renamed Flamingo Las Vegas.

4th-The Thunderbird-2755 Las Vegas Blvd opened September 1, 1948 and became Silverbird
January 1, 1977 and became El Rancho Casino on August 31, 1982 which closed on July 6, 1992.
Imploded on October 3, 2000 and becomes Fontainebleau.

5th-Desert Inn-3131 Las Vegas Blvd opened April 24, 1950 and operated until August 28, 2000.
Imploded on October 23, 2001 and Wynn is built on the site.

6th-Sahara-2535 Las Vegas Blvd opened October 7, 1952 to May 16, 2011.  Now SLS.

7th-Sands 3355-Las Vegas Blvd opened December 15, 1952 and closed on June 30, 1996.  Now the Venetian.

8th-The Royal Nevada-3100 Las Vegas Blvd opened April 19, 1955 but was absorbed by the Stardust in 1959.

9th-Riviera-2901 Las Vegas Blvd opened on April 20, 1955 and closed on May 4, 2015.  Purchased by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and was imploded in 2016.  Liberace cut the ribbon at the opening.
Oceans 11(2001) and Casino(1995) movies were filmed here.

10th-Dunes-3600 Las Vegas Blvd opened May 23, 1955 and operated to January 26, 1993.  Now Bellagio.


   While the major action is on the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip,
don't overlook Fremont Street in downtown Vegas as it has
the old school charm, lower betting limits, and the
seediness of the early days has been cleaned up.


Stardust1958a.jpg (66314 bytes)I first went to Vegas in the  1960's  and I stayed at the Stardust, so I always went back to the "Dust" for old times sake until the joint finally closed on November 1, 2006 and the buildings were imploded on March 14, 2007.  StardustSignCLOSE.jpg (16919 bytes)When the Stardust opened on July 2, 1958,  it was the world's largest Hotel-Casino with 1,032 rooms.  I  stayed in the motel rooms out back as they were cheaper than the Tower rooms.  The hotel had an eighteen story sign erected in 1968(designed by Betty Willis) that StardustSignLido.jpg (21054 bytes) you  couldn't  miss at night.  The Stardust attracted people with cheap rooms and cheaper food and drinks.  Of course the fabulous showgirls of the Lido de Paris Revue brought in customers also.  The Lido show was considered risqué at the time.  Nude shows were in Vegas, but you had to go away from The Strip to see all-nude gals.

Note that the great Welcome to Las Vegas sign was also designed by Betty Jane Willis Whitehead b 5-30-1923 Overton, NV & d 4-19-2015 at age 91.  In addition, Betty designed several other Vegas signs.
VegasSignSM.jpg (144048 bytes)


Chip1Astardust.jpg (17497 bytes)           StardustSign1.jpg (27992 bytes)           Chip5stardust.jpg (20812 bytes)


Palomino1.jpg (36934 bytes) The Palomino Strip Club opened in 1969 in Palomino2.jpg (29164 bytes) North Las Vegas with gals performing 100% nude.  The Club still operates at 1848 N. Las Vegas Blvd and now offers the "Palomino Stallions" for the ladies and also a private "Lipstick Lounge" upstairs, whatever that may be!  Owned by Domenick Gentile and managed by Adam Gentile since 2006. 



BellagioTower.jpg (26121 bytes)I've stayed at most of the major hotels at one time or another, and on my last three trips, I stayed at Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and Rio.  All nice joints, however Bellagio has the friendliest and most available staff.  You cannot  hesitate anywhere inside the  property for a minute without some friendly, bright, and  energetic person jumping up to help you with whatever you might need.  The maid came to my room three times a day!  All this service is not without a price, but if money is not the issue, Bellagio is great.  Bellagio is located at 3600 Las Vegas Blvd formerly the location of the old Dunes.

There is a great ceiling installed by Dale Chihuly in 1998 titled 'Fiori di Como'.
It weighed 40,000 lbs and is worth seeing.

GlassBellagio.jpg (222016 bytes)          GlassChihuly.jpg (83973 bytes)


Frank7Dice7NME.jpg (30026 bytes)          RazzyKNME.jpg (19827 bytes)         Susie7DiceNME.jpg (23606 bytes)


I previously hadn't stayed at the Rio as it is located off The Rio1.jpg (38616 bytes)Strip and I assumed that it probably was not as nice as the majors on Las Vegas Blvd Strip.  I was pleasantly surprised!  In 2007, the good people at Harrah's were holding an RioDiceFrank.jpg (34771 bytes) Invitational Craps Tournament at Rio and I was invited along with 350 other dice nuts to partake in their generous hospitality.  Rio is considered an all-suite hotel and I was more than satisfied with my suite.  The going rate is $315 per night during mid-week.  It was spacious and more than adequate for the 4 day 3 night stay.  You know it's a nice place cuz the Bad Boys of Magic, Penn & Teller have a theater there.

On May 25, 2014 Rio added their Voodoo Zip Line.  It's a new thrill ride between
the Rio towers at 490 feet high and reaches a speed of 33 mph!


Rio22.jpg (43229 bytes)    RioRM1.jpg (33508 bytes)     RioSign.jpg (47834 bytes)     Rio2.jpg (25940 bytes)

RioRM2.jpg (31707 bytes)    Safe.jpg (33369 bytes)      PennT2.jpg (44650 bytes)

The craps personnel were very well organized and the tournament ran RioBagwithDice.jpg (19400 bytes)smoothly each day.  The only draw back to my entire stay was that I didn't win the $20,000 tourney.  In fact, I busted out the  first day when I tried to make a run on the don't side of the crap table while everyone else was loading up on the come  side.  I met a few of the crap tourney participants and many of the players did not have extensive tournament experience, but had experience playing craps against the house.  Somewhere  within a dice tourney, you must make a stand away from the popular bets if you're trying to win.  I RioDice1.jpg (14458 bytes) talked to two 30ish ladies that were in the tournament and while I jawed with one, I noticed that the other young lady was reviewing the sports book odds for the days' games!  It  seems she started betting sports events in her early twenties and now considers herself a seasoned semi-pro.  So maybe some of the youngsters are coming around to the craps table before the slots take over the entire casino.  Being I bombed out early, I hit the restaurants using up the food vouchers supplied by the Rio folks.  Since I was in Vegas by myself, I invited a couple 1st timers from France to join me for dinner Dice52stars.jpg (21768 bytes) just to have company.  Neither  of these "kids" were gamblers, they just wanted to see the sights of Sin  City and see first hand what the hoopla is all about.
Also, I met a few of the locals while riding the Rio shuttle back and forth to the Flamingo on the main strip.  One couple, originally from Michigan, came out on vacation and Lobster.jpg (16588 bytes) were impressed with the Las Vegas area climate and open spaces.  They went home, packed up and have lived happily just outside of town for the last 30 years.  To avoid the  traffic on The Strip, they park at the Rio and then take the free shuttle to Las Vegas Blvd.  Most casinos offer large discounts on food and entertainment to Las Vegas residents with a proper ID.  These friendly people told me they eat out three times a week and spend less than $10 a night!
On May 25, 2014. Rio added the "Voodoo Zip Line" and you can zip from one tower to another at 33 mph hanging from a cable and riding on a small seat!  It's not for the faint of heart at 500 feet above ground!


FlamingoOLD.jpg (35176 bytes)I always stop at the Flamingo at 3555 Las Vegas Blvd,  as it has ties to the old days even though the current joint was built in the 1990's.  Gone is Bugsy Siegel's original Pink Flamingo that opened on December 26, 1946.  The original was named after Bugsy's girl friend  Onie Virginia Hill whose nickname was Flamingo because of her long legs.  Alas, the last of the original buildings were torn down on Bugsy1.jpg (55715 bytes) December 14, 1993.FlamingoLogo2.gif (34921 bytes)
When the joint was called the Flamingo Hilton, they erected a monument to Bugsy located outside in the garden area just past the real Flamingos, past the waterfall, and near the Mermaid.  It's quite an elaborate monument that would make Bugsy proud.



ErikBecFlamingo1.jpg (173859 bytes)     Flamingos1.jpg (49304 bytes)     FlamWater.jpg (38829 bytes)     FlamBirds.jpg (120426 bytes)     Mermaid.jpg (59018 bytes)

Flam1.jpg (73737 bytes)    People1.jpg (144821 bytes)    Margarita1.jpg (103018 bytes)    People2.jpg (126247 bytes)    BugsyMon.jpg (33146 bytes)


Parrots.jpg (57865 bytes)I like the pink facade at FlamingoHotel1.jpg (41873 bytes) night, Margaritaville, the live parrots on the sidewalk, the feel of the old days, and I like Kenny in the crap pit.  While they have spruced up the place a bit, it's not as uppity as the other newer class joints.



BinHorseshoe.jpg (54971 bytes)I also take time to revisit the downtown area and to stop at Lester Ben Binion's (b 11-20-1904 Pilot Grove, TX  d 12-25-1989 Las Vegas, NV) place that opened back in 1951 as the Horseshoe Club.  Previously, it was named the Eldorado Club.  Benny Binion was old school rough and tumble, but he took all the action you could dish out.  He was originally a moonshiner, a numbers guy, shot two people to death, and served time for tax evasion, but most people loved him.  Benny went to El Paso, TX in the early 1920's for one year and then went to Dallas, TX.  Daughter Barbara Shirley was born October 23, 1934 in Dallas and died June 5, 1983 in Las Vegas.  Son Jack Benny was born 2-21-1937 in Dallas.  Daughter Brenda Sharon was born in 1941 in Dallas.  Daughter Becky was born in 1944 in Dallas.  Son Lonnie Ted was born 11-28-1943 in Dallas and died 9-17-1998 in Las Vegas.  In 1964 the Binions owned 100% and renamed it Binion's Horseshoe.


BenBinionNME.jpg (17927 bytes)     Binions2007.jpg (54582 bytes)     BinionMillion.jpg (28929 bytes)     Moss.jpg (13647 bytes)    VegasBoys1974.jpg (202617 bytes)

BinionCoolMill.jpg (24229 bytes)A million dollars inside a plexiglass horseshoe, just inches away from your outstretched hand!  The World Series of Poker that is so popular these days was started at Binion's in 1970.  Johnny Moss(b 5-14-1907 d 12-16-1995) won the first tournament by popular vote without even playing as the main pros all agreed that Johnny was the BEST of the BEST.  The 1st World Series of Poker was hosted by Chill Wills(b 7-18-1902 d 12-15-1978) & Titanic Thompson(Alvin C Thomas b 11-30-1893 in AR d 5-19-1974 in TX).
Johnny Moss figures in one of the celebrated poker stories at Binion's.  The story goes that Moss played Nikos NickGreek.jpg (28222 bytes) Andreas "Nick the Greek" Dandolos(b 4-27-1883 d 12-25-1966) for 5 months in 1949 and Nick ended the match by saying, "Mr. Moss, I have to let you go", after Nick lost some 2 to 4 million dollars! This story is suspect as no real documentation exists and Benny Binion wasn't legally open until 1951. However the story persists.  Nick died broke in Gardena, CA on Christmas day 1966.  I remember contributing to a burial fund for Nick, and he is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Las Vegas.
The old Mint next door to the Horseshoe was sold to Binion's in 1988.  The Binion stories through the years are stuff of legend and the drama carried over to Benny's son Lonnie Ted TedBinionNME.jpg (29490 bytes) Binion (b 11-28-1943 Dallas d 9-17-1998 Las Vegas) after Benny's death in 1989.  Ted was found dead under suspicious circumstances on September 17, 1998 at the age of 55.  After walking around the Casino on a recent visit, I went down stairs and ordered cherry pie a-la-mode at Binion's original coffee shop just as I did for the first time, some 45 years earlier.  I half expected to see Benny sitting at his table where I sat with him years ago.  While the name Binion is on the joint, Benny and the Binion family are long gone as the last Binion portion was sold in 2004.  The one million dollars in the Horseshoe was displayed from 1966 and into 1999 and then the 100 1934 $10,000 federal reserve notes were sold in December-1999 to Jasper Jay Parrino, a Kansas City, MO coin and currency collector. 

Binion10000F.jpg (90955 bytes)     Binion10000B.jpg (81925 bytes)

While Benny is gone, he's not forgotten and a magnificent bronze sits at 2nd & Ogden with Benny astride his horse.
Deborah L. Copenhaver is the sculptor of this statue titled, "Tribute to a Cowboy" placed near the Horseshoe in 1985.

BennyHorse.jpg (39499 bytes)

Update on the statue as it was moved during 2008 to the South Point Casino
and sits just outside the entrance to the Equestrian Center at 9777 Las Vegas BLVD-South.
Benny lived for a bit out in Henderson and it is my understanding that the statue is on loan to the City.

SouthPoint.jpg (87138 bytes)     BennyStatueSP1.jpg (149265 bytes)     BennySignSouthP1.jpg (303494 bytes)

Benny's son Jack Benny Binion (b Feb. 21, 1937) still carries on as he owns the Rights to the "Horseshoe" name.  He still makes appearances at the Horseshoe named joints and in 2017 consults for Wynn International.


FremontSign1.jpg (35737 bytes)FremontStreet1.jpg (74576 bytes)It's still old school downtown and the limits are lower than the Strip, however the street is cleaned up and now the action extends a couple more blocks as speculators continue to open more hotels and joints.



LLhotdogBeer.jpg (38123 bytes)     Fremont.jpg (44457 bytes)     GoldenGateSign.jpg (46742 bytes)     CasinoSign.jpg (61179 bytes)

LasVegasClub.jpg (48006 bytes)     Plaza1.jpg (56591 bytes)     GoldenGateSign100.jpg (40235 bytes)     BlowoutSale.jpg (46498 bytes)

Plaza.jpg (41825 bytes)     TraderBillSign.jpg (30440 bytes)     ElCortez.jpg (39966 bytes)     PlayersCash.jpg (64542 bytes)

PioneerCowboy.jpg (31534 bytes)     ChiefHotelSign.jpg (34903 bytes)     MuralVegas.jpg (209008 bytes)     CowboySign.jpg (114263 bytes)


FremontEast.jpg (50566 bytes)I talked to a policeman riding a bicycle up and down Fremont Street and he reported that the crime is not as it used to be.  His major problem is breaking up fights with the late night drunks.  I did observe numerous down and out homeless types frequenting the area O2.jpg (53114 bytes) and occasionally observed them seeking handouts from the tourists.  In earlier years, I ventured downtown to go to Binion's because of it's storied past and Benny Binion's reputation.  However, I always felt uneasy on the streets there.  Today however it appears just as safe as the Strip.  According to generalized newspaper reports, HollyWedding.jpg (24464 bytes) the Vegas area has its crime problems, however The Strip and now Fremont Street has beefed up patrols so as not to chase away the millions that show up annually.  That's not to say that the Vegas area is without crime.  As in any big city, it's not smart to venture too far off the beaten path.  Speaking of crime, the Vegas police have reported an influx in the three years 2005-2006-2007 of an overseas gang.  These foreigners were quoted as saying that Vegas was ripe for the picking.


RedHat1.jpg (54103 bytes)     ThaiFood.jpg (48014 bytes)      CaesarStatue.jpg (14737 bytes)      Jewelry.jpg (43511 bytes)     RedHat2.jpg (69965 bytes)


If you are in the downtown area, you're not far from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop-713 Las Vegas Blvd.  You may have seen these characters on their Reality TV Show that started in 2009.  The Show includes Grandpa, Son, Grandson, and Chumlee, a hired hand.  After visiting the joint in 2013, I must say that Chumlee is the brightest of the group!

PawnStar1.jpg (159886 bytes)     PawnStar4.jpg (182542 bytes)     PawnStar3.jpg (70637 bytes)     Pawnstar2.jpg (156120 bytes)

I take it back.  Chumlee (Austin Russell) is just as dumb as the rest.  Chumlee, age 33, was arrested March 9, 2016 on sex, weapons, and drug charges as the result of a search warrant.  Meth, weed, and a gun at his house in Vegas.

AAAAAAchumlee2.jpg (103577 bytes)


There's always a new twist as old schemes, ways, and methods are updated to modern times.  That brings to mind one of the most enterprising & determined Vegas Cheats of all DNikraschNME1.jpg (26102 bytes)time according to my book.  That would be Dennis Andrew Nikrasch, AKA Dennis Sean McAndrew.  Dennis, born September 12, 1941 in Chicago gets the self-taught achievement award for updating his basic skill of cheating casinos by manipulating slot machine payouts.  Dennis had an uncanny ability to pick locks and it is believed that he worked in Chicago for the crime families.  

Slot2OLD.jpg (21936 bytes)He was convicted in Chicago for burglary in 1961 before moving to Vegas in 1970.  In Vegas, Dennis rigged the mechanical slots during the 1970's and no one really knows how many millions he hauled off.  It was estimated that he racked up $10 million between 1976 & 1979.  Dennis, his wife Susan, and his brother Terrence were indicted in Slot1OLD.jpg (26677 bytes)1983.  Brother Terrence got 15 years in 1984 while Dennis & Susan went on the lam.  Both resurfaced in Las Vegas and surrendered to authorities in January of 1986.  Dennis got 15 years in prison however he was paroled in January-1991 after serving only 5 years and he remained on parole until May-1996.  Susan received a 1 year term.  Well, it seems that you can't keep a great mind down as Dennis was planning & plotting his next move while doing time.  Of course technology had moved past Dennis from mechanical slots to the Slot8WC.gif (55490 bytes)electronic computer age, but not to worry.  Dennis set up shop in his Vegas garage with a newly purchased electronic  slot machine and proceeded to take it apart piece by piece and put it back together again.  In addition, he educated himself about computers and the "chips" that make it work.  He was now re-schooled, re-tooled, and ready for action.  An EBulgarinoNME1.jpg (30247 bytes)accomplice from the Bruno crime family in Philadelphia by the name of Eugene A. Bulgarino, AKA Louie Turco, AKA Gigi, born June 4, 1933 in Philly, purchased a computer chip from IGT as requested by Dennis. Bulgarino died April 16, 2014 in Peoria, AZ.  Dennis was able to decipher the info from the practice slot machine and obtain the necessary combinations so as to load up the slot with the jackpot sequence.  Sometime in 1996, Dennis, his associates, and his hired hands were ready for the real slot machines and they hit the Vegas casinos.

According to info obtained after the fact, the cheating went as follows:
Slot1.jpg (26151 bytes) The associates would scope out a machine that had minimum security camera surveillance; confederates would play the machine regular to keep real customers from tying up the machine; after a period of time, Dennis would join the group and while they shielded Dennis from camera view, Dennis would open Slot4.jpg (32457 bytes) the machine, access the chip to obtain the necessary coding, and rig the chip to come up with a jackpot;  the entourage would then leave the casino and their selected accomplice WINNER would then magically hit the JACKPOT on the next spin!  Authorities do not know exactly how many jackpots, cars, and prizes that the group won, as no trail existed within the slots computer!

Here's a list of five known rigged winners:
Sep-1996 $200,500 at Excalibur won by James BULGARINO (son of Eugene)
May 24, 1997 $30,000 at Rio won by Louise Melendez
July 4, 1997 $3,700,000 at Harrahs won by Linda Lee Gillam (daughter of Eugene)
Oct 18, 1997 at Luxor Jaguar auto won by Ronica Tweedi
Nov-1997 at Luxor $1,700,000 won by Debra Capozzi BULGARINO (daughter of Eugene)

After their arrest on June 9, 1998 authorities found computer chips and burglary tools when they searched a safe deposit box and a storage shed used by Dennis Nikrasch.  Eugene Bulgarino got 3 years 10 months; wife Joan Mae Bulgarino got 4 months jail and 4 months house arrest; Ronnie Gale McElveen got 2 years and 9 months and the mastermind Dennis Nikrasch , just two years after being released from parole for the last slot scam, was sentenced to 7 1/2 years.  Nikrasch & Bulgarino were both added to the Vegas Black Book of Banned from the Casinos on September 24, 2004.  Dennis died in 2010, no details are available.


Palms1.jpg (23640 bytes)Yea, some things change and other things don't change in Vegas, but it's always been an exciting place.  On September PlayboyClub.jpg (35553 bytes) 9, 2007, the MTV people were holding their Video Awards Big Bash at The Palms and you couldn't get near the nightclub area unless you had bodyguards and an entourage of 50 or so.  I stayed on the sidelines to see what I could see.  You may have read about Kid Rock getting into a scuffle with Tommy Lee and the police showed up around 10 P.M.  Fun in Vegas, you can't beat it!  I left The Palms and stood on the corner of Hugh Hefner  Blvd for a few HefnerStSign.jpg (27584 bytes) minutes deciding on the next joint to visit and I was summoned to a vehicle at the curb.  A young gal asked if I needed a lift or if I was looking to party for the night.  Some things don't change in Vegas as I don't ever recall a night on the street when I haven't been approached to participate in the sex trade business.  Mobile billboards are a common sight promoting "Babes-Just for You."  Most street corners have posters and advertising boxes listing available girls.  In addition, individuals are stationed at the busy intersections on The Strip handing out "Trading Cards" advertising for Demi, Stacy, or Stephanie who can be at your room and ready in only 20 minutes!  Giovanna even offered a FREE INTRODUCTION and a $35 SPECIAL!

VegasDemi.jpg (14211 bytes)         VegasStacy.jpg (29737 bytes)         VegasStephanie.jpg (19865 bytes)         VegasGiovanna.jpg (20880 bytes)

In 2007, the current Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, weighed in on the prostitution business stating that Vegas ought to open up brothels.  Oscar was interviewed by Bob Herbert of the New York Times and was liberally quoted in a September 4, 2007 article.  Mr. GoodmanOscar.jpg (20064 bytes) Herbert stated, "There is no city in America where women are treated worse than in Las Vegas."  Herbert continued, "The tone of systematic, institutionalized degradation is set by the Mayor, Oscar Goodman who describes Vegas as an adult playground where anything goes."
For the few of you that haven't heard of Vegas Mayor Oscar Baylin Goodman, born June 26, 1939 in Philly, Oscar has been in Vegas since 1964 and Mayor from 1999 to July 6, 2011.  Mayor Goodman has a J.D. degree from the U of Pennsylvania Law School and was admitted to the Nevada Bar Association in 1965.  He had a storied career as a defense attorney and defended well known crime figures.  Maybe you will recognize clients, such as Meyer Lansky, Nicky Scarfo, Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro, and ex-Stardust Casino boss CarolynGoodmanMayor.jpg (203643 bytes) Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal.  Oscar appeared in the 1995 movie "Casino" playing himself.  Joe Pesci appeared in the movie as the violent enforcer portraying Spilotro, while Robert DeNiro (Sam Rothstein in the movie) represented Lefty Rosenthal.  Oscar's third term as mayor expired in 2011. (The 22nd Mayor of Las Vegas was elected on 7-6-2011 - Carolyn Goodman!  Yep, that be Oscar's Wife.)  The outspoken Mayor was always good for a quote as when he addressed a Vegas 4th grade class in 2005, he stated that a showgirl and a bottle of gin would be his choice if marooned on an island.  When asked about his hobbies, he responded that he enjoyed drinking Bombay1.jpg (16690 bytes)Bombay Sapphire Gin.  In 2005, Oscar suggested that any freeway graffiti punks caught should have their thumbs cut off on live television.  Public whippings and canings were also suggested for offenders.  The mayor also was a photographer for a topless shoot with the photos used for a porno web site.  Numerous follow-ups have appeared in newspapers concerning the prostitution articles.  Goodman said he felt defamed by the columnists and Goodman said he would take a baseball bat and break Bob Herbert's head if he ever comes back to Vegas.  Bob Herbert responded on September 11, 2007 that he must have hit a nerve when labeling Vegas as a predator and talking about Mayor Goodman.  Vegas columnist, Jon Ralston sided with Herbert that Goodman does not understand the horrible toll that legal or illegal prostitution takes on women.  Former Mayor Jan Jones stated that Goodman makes the city of Las Vegas look like idiots and that Goodman demeans women.  A host of everyday people have sent letters to the editor, some praising the Mayor and others scolding the Throwback from the early mob days.  It's interesting to note that most people believe that prostitution is already legal in Vegas.  My bet is that legal prostitution is not likely to happen soon.  Instead, hundreds of illegal hookers will be plying their trade up and down the Strip area and the Vegas Police will continue to bust the Johns and the Prostitutes.

As I mentioned, Mayor Oscar Goodman was the mouthpiece for RosenthalLefty.jpg (20838 bytes) ex-Stardust Casino boss Lefty Rosenthal as Lefty was suspected of secretly overseeing the Stardust, Fremont, and Hacienda casinos on behalf of organized crime.  Frank Larry Rosenthal, born June 12, 1929 in  Chicago, is another colorful character from the Vegas scene.  Also known as Norman, Larry, Lefty, Larry Franks, Frank Larry, Frank Carpentier, Charles Carpentier, and Frank Gossup; Mr. Rosenthal originally became noticed in Chicago because of his ability to pick winning horses.  He went on to become widely known for Rosenthal.jpg (25329 bytes) setting the odds for sporting events.  While at the Stardust, Lefty set up and operated a Sports Book along with hiring the first female dealers in the casino which made the Stardust one of the leaders in the industry.  If you made a bet anywhere in the country, the line was probably set by Lefty Rosenthal.  As depicted in the movie Casino, Lefty survived an October 4, 1982 car bombing attempt on his life while sitting in his '81 Cadillac Eldorado outside of Tony Roma's restaurant on E. Sahara Ave.  Alas, in 1991 the Nevada Supreme Court upheld Rosenthal's November 30, 1988 listing in the Black Book that bans him from casinos.  During one of his court hearings, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment nearly 40 times, even "taking the 5th" when asked whether or not he was left-handed!  After being barred and his casino days over, Lefty moved to California, and then on to Florida.  Lefty, a pioneer of modern gambling and a renowned handicapper continued to handicap sports events out of Miami Beach, Florida until his death on October 13, 2008.

So as not to slight the women folk, I'll mention that one woman made SandraVaccaroNME.jpg (26558 bytes)the Black Book which subsequently bans her from casinos.   Sandra Kay Vaccaro was listed in the Black Book on October 2, 1986.  Sandra, JohnVaccaroJr.jpg (55368 bytes) AKA Sandra Day Fumagalli, AKA Sandra Day Wondra, was born December 13, 1939 in Granite City, IL and worked with her then husband John Joseph Vaccaro Jr., AKA Alan Joseph Champagne, to cheat the slots during the early 1980's.  John also made the Black Book on June 20, 1986 four months earlier than his wife.  John Vaccaro served time in 2008 in Louisiana after trying to cheat the casinos again down south.  John was born March 28, 1942 and died November 16, 2015 in Boulder City, NV.  In 2016 Sandra resides in Boulder City, NV.
  A third person was convicted with the Vaccaro's in 1985 by the name of William Klahr Cushing born April 25, 1952 in Oil City, PA; and also did several years time.  Cushing resurfaced in September-2007 when he was caught cheating again in Vegas and subsequently was added to the Black Book on September 18, 2008.

WHCushing.jpg (98936 bytes)


Frank needs A New Pair of Shoes

LIBmuseum1.jpg (27614 bytes)In addition to spending time at the dice tables, I enjoy finding other things to do in Vegas.  In February-2008, I traveled to the Liberace Museum at 1775 LibWall.jpg (24985 bytes)East Tropicana Avenue to pick up a newly released Liberace Style pair of shoes. The Museum is quite the place with glitter, clothes, pianos, autos, costumes, rings, jewelry, and a snack bar.  Two extremely friendly ladies, Connie & Sandra took time to show me around and pick out a "new pair of shoes'.  In addition to all the Liberace stuff, the museum houses a theatre and regularly holds Liberace Tribute performances.

ConnieShoes.jpg (51350 bytes)              LibCars.jpg (50776 bytes)

Well. you missed it folks.  The Liberace Museum closed on Oct 17, 2010.  450,000 people visited annually in the earlier years.  Wladziu Valentino Liberace died of AIDS in 1987 and his fans are slowly dieing off too as attendance was less than 50,000 last year.  Liberace was Mr Bling and the Lady Gaga of his day.


I continued down East Tropicana stopping next at 2900 at "The Gun Store."  They have everything  you might need, such as an Uzi, MP5, MP40, M16, AK47, or a Thompson.  You can try one out right there 7 days a week 'til 6:30 P.M.  If you can't afford to buy one right now, well sho' enough they have a RENTAL program.  It's Vegas baby.


PBhall.jpg (62089 bytes)Continuing East, the next stop was at 3330 Tropicana to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame.  PB4.jpg (29579 bytes)About 200 machines of the owner's 1,000 machines are available to play at this location.  Approximately 30 people  were playing the favorite machines of their youth when I arrived.  None of these people were kids as their ages were 35 and up and about half were women.  Tim Arnold, the owner was not available, however Mike Clark known as "Hippie", the main repairman was busy polishing up a machine.  Hippie PB2.jpg (54716 bytes)explained that it was a full time job cleaning and replacing gates, bumpers, and supplying parts to keep the machines playable.  I spent two hours feeding quarters to the pinball machines.  The Hall of Fame operates as a tribute to the Pinball era, and any profit is donated to charitable causes in Las Vegas.  A great afternoon spent on East Tropicana in Las Vegas.
On November 3, 2009, the "NEW" Pinball Hall of Fame opened at 1610 E. Tropicana Ave and is now twice the size of the original.


PB5.jpg (51428 bytes)     PB6.jpg (34320 bytes)     PB3.jpg (38383 bytes)     PB1.jpg (36736 bytes)    

OK folks, that's all for now and I hope to see you in Vegas sometime.
Look for me at the Dice Table.

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