MuseSupPhoneLois.jpg (55416 bytes)SupCutout.jpg (26791 bytes)This small Illinois town on the Ohio River bordering Kentucky comes alive on the 2nd weekend of June each year to host a Superman Celebration.  This four day family festival offers something for each family member.  Children will enjoy Super Silly Games, Youth basketball, Costume contests, an Ice Cream Social, a Super Dog Show, musical events, and the appearance of Superman and Superhero's.


Wrestle5.jpg (28559 bytes)SupJackCoons.jpg (35366 bytes)Adults will enjoy National Musical Acts, Weightlifting competition, Pro Wrestling, a Tennis Tournament, a Walk/run race, a Bicycle ride, Car Cruise, Garden Show, Flea Market, and a Street Carnival.  Fort Massac State Park is the site of a large Classic Car Show and offers camping with modern facilities.

What HOMICIDAL MANIAC is buried in the Metropolis Masonic Cemetery?
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SupNewmar1.jpg (22101 bytes)SupJulieNewmar2.jpg (134747 bytes) Celebrities are usually available and in addition to Superman, you might see Julie Newmar, that "Puurrfect" Catwoman, Adam West-The Original Batman, Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, Lou Ferrigno-The Hulk, Jackson Bostwick-Captain Marvel, and Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen.  Noel Neill appeared almost every year until her death in 2016.  Noel Darleen Neill was the very first Lois Lane  and also played Lois Lane in the TV series of Superman from 1953-1957 with George Reeves as Superman.  During the 2000 Celebration, Noel was available in the lobby of Community National Bank.  Noel was born 11-25-1920 in Minneapolis, MN.  Noel died at home in Tucson, AZ on July 3, 1916.

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A Lois Lane Statue was unveiled on Friday June 11, 2010.  The statue is a six foot tall bronze patterned after Noel Neill.  The statue was created by Gary Ernest Smith of Highland, Utah and is located at 8th & Market Streets.  Mr. Smith is also the creator of the15 ft tall 4,500 lb bronze statue of Superman completed in 1993.


JimH.jpg (25057 bytes)MuseFigure.jpg (29569 bytes)Children and adults will enjoy the Super Museum.  Owner Jim Hambrick has the largest collection of Superman items in the world.  Jim has about 750,000 items with 100,000 items displayed within his 15,000 sq ft museum .  The museum is located near Superman Square and the Large Superman Statue.  The museum website is

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Jackson Bostwick-JacksonB1.jpg (16349 bytes)Captain Marvel holds an M.F.A. in acting from The U of Southern California-1973, and has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and stage productions.  Jackson is more widely known for his Saturday morning TVJacksonB3.jpg (23066 bytes) show Shazam and his portrayal of Captain Marvel.  This CBS show ran from 1974 through 1980.  In 1940, Captain Marvel took his place among the comic book Superheros when Billy Batson uttered "Shazam" for the first time.  Tom Tyler was the first Captain Marvel in 1941, however Jackson Bostwick is more well known for his portrayal.


LouF2.jpg (19791 bytes)What Green brutish menace is 7 feet tall and weighs 1,040 lbs and has limitless strength?  Well, you probably already know that it's Robert Bruce Banner when he gets angry.  Robert was a nuclear physicist from Dayton, OH and was exposed to radiation from a Gamma-Bomb.  When angered, Mr. Banner morphed into the Incredible Hulk.  The calm Mr. Banner was played on TV by Bill Bixby and the riled Banner was played by Lou Ferrigno.  Lou played the Incredible Hulk in the  TV series from 1978 to 1982.  Ferrigno was the youngest man to win the Mr.  Universe competition at the age of 21 and the only person to win the competition twice in a row.  Lou has appeared in many movies and currently (2004) plays himself in the TV series King of Queens. 

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Some Pictures from 2004

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Here's a few pictures from Superman Days in 2000 & 2002.

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SupTVauthor.jpg (39476 bytes)     SupPatStatue1.jpg (26327 bytes)     SupJulieNewmar1.jpg (27787 bytes)     SupWonder1.jpg (23275 bytes)     SupMCarlin.jpg (23040 bytes)     SupOff2.jpg (19143 bytes)

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