Old Threshers Reunion

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Mt. Pleasant, Iowa is the home of this annual Labor Day Event held at the 100 acre McMillan
Park site. There is something here for the entire family during the five day event.

If you're trying to find this town of about 9,000 good folks, it's in the SE corner of Iowa
about 270 miles SW of Chicago, 250 miles SE of Omaha, 400 miles South of
Minneapolis, and 230 miles North of St. Louis..

The Threshers Foundation was founded by a group who had an appreciation for the past
and a vision for the future.  They wanted to preserve for future generations the values
that built our nation:  love of family, neighborly cooperation, responsibility and a work ethic
that built the rural Midwestern heritage that today we celebrate.

If you want to 'Get Away From It all' on Labor Day, this small Iowa town is the right place.
Camping is $6 bucks for a tent, $8.50 regular, and $12 for electric hook-up.  $15 gets you into the
huge Reunion Area for the five-day festival.  For $18 or less, you can also buy a concert ticket
for Country Gold, Trace Adkins, Ronnie Milsap, or that good ole country boy Willie Nelson.

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