RobertKsr.jpg (20793 bytes)Opened during 2009 in a VFW building in Holly Springs, MS. RobertK11.jpg (20910 bytes) Robert Kimbrough Sr. brings back the good old days on Sunday nights just like the joints that his father Jr Kimbrough ran.  So folks, here we go - Kimbrough Juk Joint -THE HUT at 475 West Valley Ave - Holly Springs, Mississippi.  I called some friends and made a stop to see the joint during Memorial Day weekend-2010 and sure enough this place has the right "feel" for a Blues Joint.  Robert and his band, The Blues Connection, the food, and the rest of the gang are doing it up right.  You're not doing yourself a favor if you miss this place.  Here's a few pictures from May-2010 and July-2010.

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