Meet Me in St Louis on Route 66
July 28-30, 2006

Pat.jpg (50682 bytes)Approximately 150 PT Cruiser owners took over the parking lot at Doubletree Hotel at I-270 & Page on the West side of St. Louis, MO the weekend of July 28-30, 2006.  Twenty-one states were represented along with one cruiser from Canada for the 4th annual V6.jpg (43740 bytes) "Meet Me in St Louis on Route 66".  MMISL benefits the Children's Miracle Network of non-profit hospitals across North America.  The registration fee of $50 included 2 tickets for the awards breakfast on Sunday, dash plaque, T-shirt, and a goody bag containing automotive related items.
Here's some of the fun loving people in attendance.

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Limbo1.jpg (49607 bytes)Test4.jpg (36253 bytes)Friday's agenda included contests for the children, door prizes, a silent auction, a limbo contest, and a 50/50 raffle.  In addition a banquet buffet ticket could be purchased for $19 which included a large assortment of chicken, pork, rice, sweet breads, fresh berries, and punch.  A vegetarian meal of pasta in cream sauce was also included.

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Hula3.jpg (37587 bytes)After the delicious buffet, Hula lessons were given by Polynesian Peggy and quite a few Test9.jpg (30313 bytes)people took to the dance floor to show their stuff.  A scavenger hunt, twist contest, and assorted games followed to the delight of the 300+ attendees.  Friday went off without a hitch and the Luau officially closed at 11:00 P.M.



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Table.jpg (46481 bytes)While this was only the 4th year, I must say that the event was very orderly and all activities took place on time as scheduled.  Upon arrival, you were directed to a classification/check-in tent and then ushered to the PT Cruiser parking lot to an assigned spot.  After parking, it was a short walk to the indoor Cruiser registration table to receive your Name Tag, Goody Bag, and a neatly prepared Agenda listing the times and location of all events for the three day gathering.

Here's some of the beautiful PT Cruisers.

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Car5.jpg (61916 bytes)Saturday Jul 29, 2006 started early with vendors setting up their tents at 7:00 A.M.  Many of the PT Cruiser enthusiasts were also up early tending to the detailing of autos before the judges made their rounds.  Judging began around 10:00 A.M. and continued well into the day to review all 150 vehicles.


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It was a bright sun shiny day in St Louis and Car18.jpg (27443 bytes) temperatures were close to 100 degrees by noon!  Possibly hotter out on the parking lot.  The heat didn't stop the activities of a children's sponge toss and a giant tricycle ride contest.  Remote control mini PT Cruisers races were held for several age limits.  In late afternoon, Abdel Seghiri won the "White Castle" eating contest.  I'm not sure of the exact number, but Abdel won handily.  Several food vendors were operating during the day offering funnel cakes, hot dogs, shish-ka-bobs, burgers, brats, fresh lemonade, and assorted soda.  Three or four Cruiser vendors were offering chrome parts, personalized hats, t-shirts, and chairs.  Representatives of The Missouri Route 66 organization were also on hand as Route 66 cuts prominently 66Crew.jpg (46887 bytes) through St. Louis and the state of Missouri.  Robert Schulz, Treasurer, along with board members Bob Gehl and Fran Eickhoff handed out Route 66 info and membership applications at the association tent.  Learn about the Route 66 Association at


After a hot day, late afternoon brought a quick storm to the area and vendors and participants were caught in a downpour and hustled to Neon1.jpg (39262 bytes) safeguard their wares.  Almost everyone got caught in the rain, however the storm passed through St. Louis and everyone gathered back in the Neon2.jpg (29741 bytes) parking lot at 7:30 P.M. for the Parade & Neon Light Show.  The events for the day ended after the Light Show and participants were on their own for the rest of the evening.

There were some reports that the Kitchener attendees from Canada were spotted returning to the hotel in the wee, wee, hours after hitting the Soulard joints with St. Louis Frank!

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Food.jpg (33328 bytes)7:30 A.M. Sunday July 30, 2006 found a long line waiting for the Buffet doors to open.  No problem, two full buffet tables were ready and four lines of PT Cruiser folks made their way through for a well stocked and hot breakfast.  I heard no complaints about excessive waiting in line or complaints about the food.

John Caruso opened the awards ceremony promptly and was assisted by other officers in awarding the prizes for the Grand2.jpg (17097 bytes) contests and auto awards.  A $5 raffle ticket was all Deb Stier Grand1.jpg (29071 bytes) needed to win the SUPER CRUISE 5-7 day fully paid vacation for two!  A cruise of Deb's choice maybe to the Caribbean, Jamaica, Bahamas, or Mexico.  You can see Bob Spier smiling in the photo as he assumes he'll be Deb's guest? maybe?  The vacation package has a value of $2,000 - congratulations Deb and Bob.

Fyrnice.jpg (34093 bytes)      Darlene1.jpg (21961 bytes)      Rich1.jpg (27873 bytes)    Titan1.jpg (35065 bytes)
Some of the PT Cruiser Award winners:
Peoples Choice Award - Pat Liles, Denver, CO - FYRnICE
Best Display - Darlene Koch - St Louis, MO - Betty Boop
Special Edition Super Modified - Rick Barteck - Ottawa, OH - PT Titan
Best Neon - Chris Cronin - Jonesborough, TN - Fab

Win1.jpg (19516 bytes) 

 Miss Barteck received a trophy for the Limbo contest

Dash.jpg (32211 bytes)

  This unique Dash Plaque was designed by Marc of St Louis


This was my first PT Cruiser gathering as my wife-PT Pat had just purchased a 2003 Cruiser two months ago.  I didn't get a chance to meet everyone of the 300+ attendees, but I did meet many very nice people.  Since the PT Cruiser is new to us, I took the opportunity to bother several of the people on the parking lot for advice.

I'll mention some of the helpful people we met.  The Iowa folks were a great group and especially John of Sheldahl, IA with many ideas from 28 years doing his own body shop work.  Jeff from Muncie, IN has a beautifully decked out red PT with eye lids, visor, fender skirts, and plenty of chrome.  Jeff took time to visit with Bob1.jpg (16123 bytes) Patricia & me and gave us plenty of ideas.  Merry W. , the lone participant from Texas, took time to tell us about Texas and Plate2.jpg (35916 bytes) introduce us to her Alabama friends.  PT Pat, Wisconsin born, especially enjoyed visiting with the Manitowoc, WI guys Bob & Don and Proud fellow Cheeseheads Maureen & Shannon from Beaver Dam, WI.

Some statistics were noted as follows: 2001 PT's recorded the greatest number of autos;  Indiana & Missouri recorded the most participants; Limited Editions were the highest model registered;  Infernal Red was the most popular color registered.

A great time by all and we're looking forward to future gathering.

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St Louis Frank & PT Pat    July 30, 2006

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