Morris Day

b Springfield, IL

Morris was recruited by Prince in the early 1980's to lead a funk band.  Morris and his aide Jerome put on a high energy show and attracted a Day9Jer.jpg (24949 bytes) large following with hits such as, "The Time", "Ice Cream Castle", "Jungle Love", and "The Bird".  Appearing in Prince's "Purple Rain" movie gave the band another huge boost.  As happens with many successful groups, Morris went his own way and the Day5.jpg (25763 bytes) Time dissolved.  Jerome Benton and a couple of the others from the original band rejoined and are currently enjoying a fair amount of success for the last several years.  If Morris Day and the Time are in your area, do yourself a favor and you'll see a hard working group and hear some great music, just like the good old days. 


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The Time

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Jerome Benton

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