Little Al

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Little Johnny Kantreed

b Nashville, TN

Downhome Acoustic Blues

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Little Jimmy Reed - Leon Atkins

b 1939 Harwood, LA

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Little Howlin' Wolf
Jesse Sanders

b July 26, 1930 - Florence, MS   d June 20, 2018 Memphis, TN

Lived in Chicago since 1945 and spent time in all the clubs and went on the road
with Howlin' Wolf in the 1950's.  Worked for the Chicago Police
Department for almost 50 years while playing gigs on the weekend with
Jimmy Reed, Hound Dog Taylor, Albert King, Magic Sam and Little Junior Parker
among others.  Sat in with James Brown & Aretha Franklin.  Recorded
White House Blues after playing for President Regan in 1985.  He also played
for Jimmy Carter.  Married Howlin' Wolf's neice in the late 1970's.  He
moved to Memphis, TN in 1992 and had been officially retired.

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Little Richard
Richard Wayne Penniman

b December 5, 1932 - Macon, GA

Grammy Song Award-Lucille (Specialty 1957) - 2002
Grammy Song Award-Long Tall Sally (Specialty 1956) - 1999
Grammy Song Award-Tutti Frutti (Specialty 1955) - 1998

Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award - 1993

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 1986
Blues Hall of Fame - 2015

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