Larry Griffin

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Larry Penn
Cream City Slim

b 1927  -  d October 7, 2014 Milwaukee, WI

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Leroy Jodie Pierson

b October 22, 1947 - St. Louis, MO

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Musician, Record Producer, Writer, and foremost a Blues Dude.  Leroy's father was a musician and Leroy started on guitar around age 14.  After attending St. Louis schools, Leroy enrolled at Beloit University in Wisconsin in the late 1960's.  Now well immersed in the Blues, Leroy decided to promote blues concerts which included many now famous artists such as; Son House, BB King, JB Hutto, Furry Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes, Junior Wells, and Fred McDowell.
During 1967, Leroy performed on stage with Fred McDowell of Como, MS and these two musicians became friends with Leroy visiting Fred in Mississippi on numerous occasions.  While in the South, Leroy also traveled into Alabama to meet another bluesman named Johnny Shines.  Johnny and Leroy played guitar together and also became friends.  Johnny Shines had a tremendous amount of experience and a long history playing in Chicago and throughout the South.  In his younger years of the late 1930's, Mr. Shines had played with the legendary Robert Johnson.

In 2015, Leroy Jodie Pierson continues to carry forward the early Country Blues of Robert Johnson, Johnny Shines, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and others.  You can catch Leroy playing regular gigs in St Louis 2-3 times a week.  Stop in and visit with a nice guy and you can hear a bit of history.

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Lonesome Dave

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John Thurman "Long John" Hunter

b July 13, 1931 Ringgold, Louisiana    d January 4, 2015 Phoenix, AZ

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Lonnie G. Bonds

b Arkansas   -    d March 4, 2014 St Louis, MO

Used to be L G Bonds & The Blue Flames playing regular gigs around St Louis
area and frequently at Clark's Baby Doll at Spring & Cass Streets.

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Lorenzo Boone

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Louise (Caldwell) Harrison

b 1932

LHarrison1.jpg (21340 bytes)Sister of George Harrison - Beatles
Louise lived in Benton, Illinois and was visited there in  Oct-1963 by George just prior to the Beatles hitting the big time.  George hung around for about three weeks sitting in with The Four Vests and played at the local American Legion enjoying himself.  A few months later The Beatles appeared on LHarrisonStamp.jpg (23641 bytes)the Ed Sullivan Show in their U.S. debut and became nationally known.
The Harrison house was purchased in 1996 by Jim & Darla Chady and Connie & Dorothy Schultz and the house was used as a Bed & Breakfast and also a Beatles museum.  In early 2007, the house was purchased by Sarah Morrison.  Sarah also purchased the house next door and intends to live on the property and maintain a Beatles museum.  The city of Benton, IL honors George's first USA visit with an Annual Geo Harrison Beatles festival.  The 2008 feature band is the Pete Best Band.  Pete was the original Beatles drummer, but was fired after the first record label with Parlophone Records after playing with the Beatles for 3 years.
In 2008, Louise is living in Branson, MO and working with the Liverpool Legends - a Beatles Tribute Band - keeping the Beatle's music alive.


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Busch Stadium - St Louis, MO Ticket at the whopping price of $5.50.  Louise, however sat in the dugout on August 21, 1966.

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