Hoover's Grocery

Here's the most recent Hoover's Grocery, Kitchen, and Laundromat opened by Sylvester
& Mary Hoover on March 6, 2009.  This building is located at 200 Young St and was formerly
only a laundry while the original Grocery & Kitchen operation was located just down
the street at 214 Young.  A major fire on September 15, 2007 forced the closing of
the grocery & kitchen at 214 Young St.

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Gloria's Birthday Party April-2009

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CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS of Hoover's at 607 Main St

The original Hoover's Grocery was at 214 Young St, in the Baptist Town area of
Greenwood, MS.  The area is not well known unless you're a Blues fan.  This area is better
known for hard times and Robert Johnson, the Legendary Bluesman that died there, had his
share of hard times.  Born May 8, 1911 and died August 16, 1938 Robert spent much of his 27
years coming and going from this area of Mississippi.

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Sylvester Hoover, current owner of the store frequented by Johnson in the 1930's, is known
as "The Keeper" of the Robert Johnson blues heritage.  Sylvester has been a tireless
promoter of the Johnson history, myth, and legend.  On  August 16, 2001, the 63rd
anniversary of  Johnson's death, Hoover participated in the dedication of a new tombstone at
  Johnson's gravesite at Little Zion M. B. Church.  Sylvester is a Deacon and on the Board at
this small church located on Money Road just North of Greenwood and is a contributor to the
preservation and promotion of the Blues in the Greenwood area.

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   Since the year 2000, Sylvester has organized several Blues music gigs on the very
land where Johnson frequently played within Baptist Town.  A Robert Johnson tribute was
held during March-2004 that included Johnson's son, Claud, and Johnson's grandson, Steve.
After services at Little Zion Church, a special luncheon was held at Hoover's Store.

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In May-2004, a Robert Johnson birthday celebration was held and in June-2004,
two blues fans from France were married at the church.

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If you find yourself in Baptist Town, be sure to visit the "Back in The Day" Museum which
opened Feb. 24, 2006.  Mary & Sylvester Hoover operate the Museum as a charitable organization
to preserve the history and heritage of the area.  The Museum is located at 204 Young Street and
there is no charge for admission.


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Other Greenwood, MS area items

The Mississippi Blues Commission erected two signs in Greenwood recognizing the historical
significance of the area.  The first sign was erected AT 222 Howard Street in the downtown
area on December 11, 2006 to recognize the WGRM radio station.  It was at this station that BB King
first played on the air.  The second sign was erected in February-2007 at the Little Zion M.B.
Church on Money Road at the burial site of Robert Johnson. 

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