Ike Turner

14? Marriages and 7 children

Ike said marriage was simple. Pay the Preacher a couple
dollars  and pay $3 for the paperwork and that was it.

Ike also said many a person didn’t bother with marriage
papers or bother getting divorce papers in his earlier days.

Keep Ike’s words in mind as you review the Marriages List.

04-10-1948  Edna Dean Stewart from Ruleville, MS.  Edna later just left
                  Clarksdale, MS & went back to Ruleville.  Died in 2010 from Drug overdose.

09-19-1950  Velma Dishman  b 6-22-1930.  Velma met Ike at a Yazoo City
                  MS club. Velma is the older sister of Ikette(1961) Josephine Joshie
                  Armstead (AKA Deena Johnson) b 10-08-1944.  Velma recommended
                  her talented sister Joshie to Ike.  Velma is mother of Linda Jean
                  Turner (Alfred Trippeter, Devalle, James Bullock) b 7-17-1949 in
                  Yazoo City, MS. Linda has lived in Brooklyn, NY.  Jackson, MS. and
                  moved back to Yazoo City, MS.

1950/1951   Rosa Lee Sane in West Memphis , AR.  Rosa had mental
                  issues and she was institutionalized in an asylum.

09-24-1952  Marian Louise Lee b 1935.  AKA Mary Sue.  She was mostly known
                  as Bonnie Turner. GREAT pianist and vocalist for Kings of Rhythm.
                  Recorded with Ike in 1952 on RPM #362 and Modern #880.  Also
                  Sun Records had recordings Way Down in the Congo and Old Brother
                  Jack that were not released in 1953.  While in Sarasota, FL in 1953
                  with Ike & the band, Bonnie ran off to Chicago, IL with another
                  guy. A divorce was filed in Florida in 1955.

1953?          Dolores Ward

1953?          Alice Bell in Helena, AR.  Divorced in 1962.  Alice had been
                  dating band member Johnny O’Neal.

1953?          Edna Mae Menfield (AKA Snow) in West Memphis, AR

1953           Annie Mae Wilson from Greenville, MS.  Pianist and vocalist.
                  Divorced in 1955 and left with another man.

1955           Lorraine Taylor in East St Louis, IL.   She had two children prior
                  to Ike-Ricky &  ????.  Two children with Ike.  Ike Turner Jr.
                  b 10-3-1958 and Michael Turner b 2-23-1960. Divorced in 1959.
                  Both Ike Jr. and Michael were adopted later by Tina in California
                  after Ike & Tina moved to California in 1962.  Lorraine’s Parents
                  owned Taylor Sausage in St. Louis, MO.  Lorraine’s Father was
                  John W. Taylor Jr. d 9-27-2010 & came from Elliot, MS in 1938
                  and married Mary Ann Walder in 1955.

1959?          Pat Richard was from St Louis, MO & a classmate of Tina Turner,
                  attended Sumner High School. Daughter b 6-17-1959 Twanna
                  Turner (Melby). Twanna learned in 1970 that Ike was her father,
                  however Twanna did not meet Ike until 1988.  When Ike (prisoner
                  #E4678) was released from the California Men’s Colony Prison in
                  San Luis Obispo, CA, Ike went to live with Twanna in
                  Vallejo, CA in September-1991.

11-26-1962  Anna Mae Bullock (Tina) in Tijuana, Mexico. Divorce filed on
                  July 27, 1976 and finalized on March 29, 1978.   Was “Martha
                  Nell Turner” Tina’s real name? That was the signature Tina
                  signed on a contract on 8-4-1977.  Son with Ike is Ronald
                  Renelle Turner b 10-27-1960 in Los Angeles, CA and died 12-8-2022.

04-11-1981  Margaret Ann Thomas in Las Vegas, NV. Divorced in 1989.
                  She was Ikette in 1960’s, but left pregnant.  Daughter is
                  Cicily Rashale Turner b 1-10-1969 in Bakersfield, CA., however
                  her name was legally amended later on in 1969 to Mia Mishall Turner.

07-04-1995  Jeanette M. Bazzell b 8-1-1962.  She was Ikette in 1988
                  & a vocalist. They were married in a private ceremony at
                  Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV.  Divorced in 2001.  Jeanette
                  also was a vocalist for Ike Turner Jr. on his Hard Labor recordings.

10-08-2006  Audrey Madison Married in Las Vegas, NV.  Divorce filed
                  12-22-2006 and divorced finalized on 8-1-2007. However they
                  later reconciled. Audrey was Ikette in 1993 and a vocalist.

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7 Children

07-17-1949  Linda Jean Turner in Yazoo City, MS. Mother was Velma Dishman
                  b 6-22-1930, who was the elder sister of Ikette Josephine
                  Joshie Armstead b 10-8-1944.

10-03-1958  Ike Turner Jr. Mother was Lorraine Taylor from St Louis, MO.
                  Adopted later by Tina Turner.

02-23-1960  Michael Turner. Mother was Lorraine Taylor from St Louis, MO.
                  Adopted later by Tina Turner.

06-17-1959  Twanna Turner. Mother was Pat Richard from St Louis, MO
                  who attended Sumner High School with Tina Turner.

10-27-1960  Ronald Renelle Turner in Los Angeles, CA.  Mother was Tina Turner.  
                  Died 12-8-2022

01-10-1969  Cicily Rashale Turner in Bakersfield, CA. Mother was 1960’s
                  Ikette Margaret Ann Thomas.  Cicily’s name was legally
                  amended later in 1969 to Mia Mishall Turner.

08-29-1958  Raymond Craig (Hill) Turner in St Louis, MO. Died Suicide 7-3-2018.
                  Son of Raymond Earl Hill and Anna Mae Bullock.
                  Adopted by Ike Turner in 1962 in California.

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