Eddie C. Cambell

b May 6, 1939 Duncan, MS

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Eddy Joe Cotton - Zebu Recchia

b 1972

EddieJo1.jpg (19618 bytes)Eddy is the main barker for the Yard Dogs vaudeville troupe.  The Yard Dogs are a group of free spirits that started out in San Francisco as a small jug band and have now become a full-blown tour group with burlesque dancers, EddieJo3.jpg (20575 bytes) jugglers, fire eaters, a sword swallower, and an assortment of musical characters.  It's difficult to describe the goings on, however it is very entertaining show with over a dozen cast members, numerous costume changes, and a variety of musical scores that range from campfire gypsy through blues, jazz, and rock.

Here's a link to Eddy's zany group-YARD DOGS

 According to Eddy's 2002 book "HOBO" published by EddieJo4.jpg (26524 bytes)EddieJoebook.jpg (20426 bytes) Harmony Books, Eddy's mother left him behind at age two with his harley riding hippie father.  At age nineteen, Eddy had enough and hit the road.  Eddy lived out on the road and roamed around the Western states riding freight trains for about ten years.



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Eddie James House Jr
Son House

b March 21, 1902 Lyons, MS   -   d October 19, 1988 Detroit, MI

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Ed Abel

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Eddie Lee Coleman

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Ed Doney

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Eddy Barrow

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