Dale Wise

b May 12-1953 Harrisburg, PA

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Dale Boyle

b Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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David Lee Durham

b 1943 Sunflower, MS
d January 24, 2008 - Indianola, MS

Did not attend school as he picked cotton at the area farms.
Got interested listening to Howlin' Wolf and others in the local
juke joint. A self taught musician using a diddley bow and then got his
first 4 string guitar at age 12.  Learned the tunes from listening
to the radio as he is unable to read music.  Played a regular gig at
Club Ebony in Indianola, MS and helped with a blues school program.

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David Lonzo Thompson
Lil Dave

b May 21, 1969 Hinds County, MS      d Feb 14, 2010 Augusta, GA

Formed his first band at age 14 in Leland, MS.
Toured with Booba Barnes in 1990.

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David Malone Kimbrough Jr

b Jan 3, 1965 Holly Springs, MS

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Dwane D. Hathorn

b Cleveland, OH

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