Sam Carr
(Samuel Lee McCollum)

b 04-17-1926 Friar's Point, MS    d 09-21-2009 Clarksdale, MS

Son of Robert Nighthawk (Robert Lee McCollum),
but adopted by the Carr family before he was 2 years old.

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Anthony Sherrod - Big "A"

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Mr. Johnnie Billington

b April 11, 1935 - Crowder, MS       d April 1, 2013 Lambert, MS

Taught himself to play guitar at age of 10.  Moved to Chicago in 1959
as a young man.  Played Blues at night & ran an auto repair shop during
the day in Robbins, IL.  Returned to Mississippi in 1977.  Awarded Master
Folk Artist by the MS Arts Commission in 1993.  Received a WC Handy Award
in 1995.  Taught numerous music students in Clarksdale, MS.

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